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Information Light Festival Tour

Duration: 75min


Amsterdam Festival of Light . 

With mood lighting and visual guide to complement each installation . .


See the annual Amsterdam Light Festival on an evening boat cruise, with dozens of wonderful light sculptures and projections. 

The spectacular light sculptures and projections have been created by many famous artists from around the world.


Want to experience the light art from up close? And admire these wonderful unique works of art from our luxury glass-topped boat? 

Then join us for a spectacular front-row seat of the beautifully illuminated annual Amsterdam Light Festival!

From 2nd December 2021 until 23rd of January 2022, the 10th edition of the Amsterdam Light Festival will takes place.

During this annual light art festival over 30 artworks and installations by international artists can be seen ,

(Live classical music performancesare only available on selected tours.)

Please contact for more details.

Places are limited so please make sure that you have booked your place in advance.

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